Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chapter 20.

And this is the rest of our lives.

I woke up to the most horrible news today. I met a guy when I was 19. He was friendly, funny and the most welcoming person I had seen at that time. It was then that I decided, "He's going to be something HUGE." Was it the way he spoke or the way he analyzed everything, I still don't know. All I know is I never remained friends with him and today, he is not there anymore. His talent, his words and his sense of humor are all going to be linked with the past now. As of today, Zain Haider is dead. A debater, an actor and a genuinely nice human being, I guess all he had was this little time to make us all laugh, to awe us with his talent and then, well, walk away.

Perhaps obituaries will be written on Facebook, names will become hashtags, a text message will circulate and then we will all move on. We will occasionally remember him, shed a tear and we will move on. We won't come out of the bubble we are creating or fear God that ours might be the next name spreading like wild fire. We will still write notes on social media of thank yous and sorrys but we won't come up in person and say it all. People deserve more than that, our friends and family deserve more than that. We deserve to be more than a name as a hashtag with everyone's condolences. Zain Haider deserved to be much more than the 'LSE boy who passed away at 25'

Well done, world. 

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