Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chapter 14

Perspective is everything.
I remember reading this short story in A level literature which has been on my mind ever since. Katherine Mansfield has had that impact on me
It was about a wife who was feeling beautiful and sensual one night. As she prepared for dinner she glanced outside and saw a tree and her thoughts went on to describe the beauty that she saw. How the moon was shining on the leaves and the reflection she saw. Her perspective of beauty here and how she saw things was so evident here and the contrast of how she felt later that night was heart breaking. As the events changed towards the end of the night, the character reflected how her world shifted upside down and yet, the tree still shone in the night, as beautiful as ever. How things did not change yet her life had. How perspective was everything.

How different life can be
Turning 26 at the end of this month and truly seeing the difference. How heartbreaking life can be.