Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chapter 18

The story of a Once-Upon-A-Time pregnant woman

I was 15-20 KGS above my normal weight, having the most difficult time adjusting to the married life in a new country and though it should have been a cherry on top, it was s h o c k I n g for me to find out about my pregnancy. I was hardly able to take care of myself and a surprise baby here?

Well, tears were shed, lethal words thrown towards my spouse and I really did think it was the end of the world. Until I accepted it and did everything I could. I slept right, ate right and did right by the tiny dot in my belly. Until it hurt. And I thought it was normal. Until my ultrasound. Until my medicines. Until the moment I couldn't hear the heartbeat. Until 3 weeks after when I aborted and flushed it down after 3 hours.

It was heartbreaking and I always shed a tear. I had decided I wanted a girl and prayed for one. I picked a name and I looked at the cutest clothes. I had planned my entire life in a matter of 4 weeks. Till I had nothing to look forward to.

Fuck you if you treat a miscarriage as a casual affair. If you think it was just an incident and everyone goes through it. Fuck you for not supporting your wives through it. Fuck you if 'it happens to everyone' was uttered even a single time by you.

It is a precious gift, a precious feeling and something that is only yours. It is something you should be open about, you should love and you should celebrate. It is natural, for fucks sake.
Celebrate it. Enjoy it.

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