Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chapter 1.

What is life? And, what do I want from it?

I look at people around me and everyone is driven by some passion. Passion for makeup, passion for workout, passion for books, passion for work and what not. And, I stand here. And, I look at them. Do I envy them? I think not. I think

I read something recently, an article by a teacher in The Nation. Man, what an inspiring woman. She speaks what I would love to write about. I would, but I can't! I'm literally numb and DUMB! I live by the motto Inspire and be inspired - and how many steps have I taken in this direction? None.

Welcome to my life, this is a horrible chapter of it. The deadliest time of the night, where you are alone with your thoughts, typing away on your computer, like you have been since the past 5 years, not aware of what tomorrow holds. I pray you all love your life, or learn to appreciate it. When you do, help me get there too!