Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chapter 9

Almost everyone I know is at that point where they're graduating, getting new jobs, getting married and the usual mumbo jumbo.

I hope you all realize that this is it. This is the rest of your life and this may not always be a bad thing, you know. It's important to realize the worth of the moment you are in. 

Please stop fretting about repeating summer semesters, they're just going to bring new memories. 

Go for your Masters for all the wrong reasons. You need to make this last. 
Go for a job you love and keep experimenting with who you are. The rules do not define you, your creativity can get the best of you. 

Skip a day from work to sleep in or for a road trip with friends - it'll be more memorable than any presentation you have.

Stay foolish, everyone else wants to be wise.

Love yourselves and, like Sir Tony said, live in the moment 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Chapter 8


It's a myth, believe me. Everyone has their own definition, their own experiences and their own stories. I think it's an emotion that fights its way through all the bad days, giving you this feeling of wanting to be more than ordinary for someone. For some, it can be flowers on Valentine's and for others, the perfect chick flick followed by the perfect dinner. Then, there are fools like yours truly who believe in just writing down love stories. Because, that's what makes them amazing; they are stories that everyone wants to believe in too. Because we are naive and love is what gets us going.

But, strange things can happen too. What do you do if someone picks you out from 100's and makes you theirs? What happens when someone finds every freaking trait in you so likeable? What if someone knows your insecurities and yet finds you beautiful? What will you do if someone knows the darkest and brightest bits of you just to understand it makes you all the more bearable? What if someone makes you fall in love with yourself? 

There are no violins playing, no dancers out of the blue to perform some classic romantic yet fun song, no wind blowing my hair away as I feel like I've found someone, no perfect definition of 'the one, no rings, no protocols.

I think I'll just be. 
In my skin, so imperfect and yet perfect for someone. Because, finally, someone finds me to be okay around.