Friday, June 27, 2014

Chapter 7

So, I was reading through these quotes, as usual, and I noticed one thing. How come, every time a writer talks about beauty, he speaks of a woman. Why must the woman be the protagonist in this cruel game of beauty? Why isn't the man making me sweat, without having the tall, dark and handsome image. Why can't he have the most mesmerizing eyes, the most delicate lips and just plain, puffed cheeks? Why must he always

Think about it. And, write about it too!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chapter 6

There are very few people in the world who love you for absolutely nothing. These people come very rarely and tend to leave a little early. I wish I could hold on to them and love them for all the self-less reasons but hey, if you realize something on time and act accordingly, how will you ever get to call life 'fucked up'?
If you ever find someone who loves you for absolutely no reason, hold on. Tightly. For all you know, they will be the fondest memory you've ever had. 

Missing Hasnat Uncle on this weird evening.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chapter 5


Kind of tired of obsessing over my weight. I don't really understand people who refuse to indulge themselves in the delicacies that Lahore has to offer. I don't see why people must point towards someones butt and make a face. I like big butts and I won't lie.

Stop obsessing over your weight. Or your girlfriends or boyfriends or sisters or so on. Until and unless they're not obese - stop obsessing over it.

I love my body the way it is. The darkest and lightest areas of it. The bumpy fat, the back dimples and the mere overall imperfection. It starts from my large forehead, down to my broad shoulders, my small hands, my flat stomach, my abnormally big butt, my meaty legs to my really small feet. I like it as its mine to criticize, to change, to experiment and most importantly, to love.

I have fat arms but I love showing them off. They give the best of hugs, you know. I'm not delusional nor am I egoistic but I just frikkin love everything about my body.

And so should you :)