Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chapter 16.

Come to think of it, the fault is all ours. We have been built in a way that we expect a lot from men. From books to movies, our expectations have always been for men to be ideal for us. Like they would understand, like they would be our support. Well, honey, fuck that. From father's, brothers to husband's, they can seriously take a hike. I refuse to let a man control my emotions to that extent, to affect me like he is the center of my universe. Let me tell you, love is one thing but expectations are another. Just know, there will always be disappointments because men were born weak and we don't get why it's this way because we were born to step over every weakness and be strong for ourselves. Be yourself and be unapologetically happy about the strong woman that you are. It's so worth enjoying yourself

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